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To our customers.

MONIERS GROUP / Quality manual

The company's concept is continuous, profitable and high quality meet
customer requirements What is securing long-term prosperity.
In this spirit, the company management decided to create a management system
Quality according to STN EN ISO 9001: 2009 and is committed to continuously improve
effectiveness of the system.

The achievement of these objectives is aimed at:

  • Implementation of quality environmental, industrial and civil engineering,
  • Delivering quality works
  • Regular and professional communication with customers
  • Professional handling of complaints 
  • The effectiveness of the management processes 
  • Staff development, improving the quality of their work
  • Efficient and effective internal communication 
  • Creating a good working environment and working conditions.


With respect to our nature.

At increasing awareness of the environmental problems our society
decided to allocate the necessary resources and make efforts to prevent pollution.
To achieve efficiency prudent environmental performance of the company,
taking into account the legal requirements and the requirements of STN EN ISO 14001: 2005.

We are committed to meet the following conditions:

  • Continuous improvement of environmental management system. 

  • Regular monitoring and compliance with legislative requirements. 

  • Monitoring environmental impacts
  • Economical waste treatment
  • Regular development of our employees’ environmental awareness through trainings


In the interest of safety.

Occupational safety and health is an essential part
quality workforce in all activities carried out within the company.
For achieving effective and keep improving occupational health and safety performance

In accordance with the law imposes an obligation on the lead:

  • Creating suitable conditions for our employees according to OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) and Fire Prevention and Protection regulations

  • Eliminate or reduce the risks and factors determining the incidence of occupational accidents
  • Respect the general principles of prevention in the workplace and in the performance of work in terms of OHS and fire safety
  • Evaluate risks, threats and risks in the workplace
  • Regularly monitor risk factors
  • Raise awareness of employees on OHS and fire safety through regular training
  •  As a precaution, health provide prescribed medical examinations with staff


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